Holistic chef Kami Szewczyk

For a healthy body, soul and mind. Plant based food in Birmingham, UK

For a healthy body, soul and mind. Plant based food in Birmingham, UK

For a healthy body, soul and mind. Plant based food in Birmingham, UKFor a healthy body, soul and mind. Plant based food in Birmingham, UKFor a healthy body, soul and mind. Plant based food in Birmingham, UK

Welcome to Kami's Healing Kitchen, where I will guide you to eat mindfully  and feel healthy everyday.


Welcome to Kami’s Healing Kitchen where I can help you eat well and feel healthy everyday. My name is Kami and I am a holistic chef. 

As we know, what you eat has an impact on your health both mentally and physically. Whilst essential food ingredients don't change much the way you approach food will. That means shifting from pre-prepared foods, less processed fat, less refined sugar and a more responsible approach to allergen-free meals will make you healthier. It is all about knowing what's going into your body and taking the time to eat the right cuisine. I use crucial food ingredients as a way of preventing illnesses and as a important aspect for treating ailments.

Whether we choose to eat a veggie or a paleo diet is not the most important issue, what matters is that we eat what we feel is right for us in that moment, and being receptive to our bodies wants and needs. 

Do you desire to eat healthier but are not sure where to start?. Have you just been diagnosed with a food allergy or recovering from surgery and are not sure what to cook?. This is where I can help you.   

In my kitchen I use natural ingredients to create the most delicious meals with the whole body in mind, so you can receive all the health benefits as well as indulge in enjoying delicious flavours. 

Do you: 

Want to prepare more plant based foods for your children and family?.

Improve your health and develop healthy eating habits?. 

Want to detox your body and lose weight naturally and feel vibrant again?.

Want to get back into shape after having a baby?

We can: 

Create recipes that suit your families tastes and make meals your family will love.

Help to plan, shop, and teach you how to prepare meals for yourself.

Work on your perfect diet that supports your well being goals and make you feel healthy again.

Provide a delicious and healthy catering service for your event.



Nutrition Services

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Great taste is the name of the game and we're committed to stepping up to the plate. Our goal is provide delicious, natural options. That's why we prepare all of our meals with fresh, locally sourced ingredients. 



Are you looking for someone to provide the food at your next event? Large or small, we do it all! Get in touch to start planning the perfect meal for a business lunch, wedding, cocktail reception, and more!

Holistic Personal Chef

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In today's culture of unhealthy fast food, eating well can be difficult. Don't know where to start? I am a personal chef. Let me  help with our tailored menu program. Get in touch so we can work together to plan something that's right for you. 

Kami Chocolate Shop

Coming soon !

Kami chocolate is a unique, freshly prepared raw chocolate. Flavours of this indulgent treat will take you on a mesmerising journey.

Private Dining Experience


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Retreat Chef


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Liam Drace- Davis


Ordered  a delicious chocolate 'cheesecake' for a birthday. The cake looked so  fabulous it felt wrong to cut into it, but it was eventually enjoyed by  all the guests who were full of compliments.

Kam was very  professional, and seems to be a wonderful person in general! I would  order again, and would encourage others to do so too.

Very impressed. YUM!

Max Jarvis


Picked up my lime and vanilla cheesecake today. First one I've had since  going vegan several years back. Was absolutely delicious and so smooth.  Get your orders in quick as they're out of this world. Looked visually  amazing also. Excellent communication with Kamila also and very  friendly. Will be back for more in the new year.

Inge Hill


I have eaten Kams food on several occasions with delight. She is a  great chef and the healthy tasty food inspired my other half to eat her  food despite it is more healthy.

Sample Menu

Please note: this is a sample menu and is fully customizable to your needs

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I am currently developing this page. Feel free to drop me a line to find out about the inspiring healthy living ideas I have in mind.  Have a great day!-  Kami

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